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  • Magnus Siven Siverbrant har testat nya Storm+
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  • Web troubleOur website has, due to it's popularity, been hacked. Unfortunately we have currently lost all our previous news posts but we hope to find them soon in the cyberspace.
  • New models!

    We are proud to present our new surfskis Storm+ and Squall+. Two new models that completes our surfski fleet. Read more about the new models here: Storm+, Squall+
  • New distributor in Australia
    Now we can serve Australia with skis from NK! Paddleperformance in Melbourne will soon be at a beach close to you. Please contact Scott for more information about coming season and demo days in Australia.
    Paddleperformance - New distributor in Australia
  • Thoughts from Paul Rosenquist regarding some small but important improvements on this years skis:

    "From great to greatest!? Having now raced in good conditions with the 2015 Nitro+ I can confirm that even tho they are small changes, they make the ski even better than it was. The new stiffer and wider footstrap not only gives good confidence in making you connect to the ski it also keeps your gps in place really stable. The footboard is lower now, or at least the pedals are so less chance of hitting them with your paddle on your powerstrokes, the way the rudder is locked in place is more bombproof as it allready was, and the biggest change is the bailer. This is a game changer, as it actually really is the only one that you can manouver during very intense paddling. You can now start your race with an empty ski! And very easily open it to the standard low drag / downwind setting which is efficient enough for the normal amount of water washing over the nose of the ski in big downwind waves. If you screw up and get swamped, its good to open the bailer on panic setting while you are waiting for the wave to wash by and you will empty at least 20 liters of water in seconds. Dont forget to give it a tap with your heel when doing your final sprint! All in all these details contribute to making this ski one of the absolute classics on the water. This year I chose the plus over the normal nitro as I have really understood how much faster you get from being confident and stable. I do think the Nitro might be a bit more agile in the waves, and tends to ride over waves with more ease than the Plus...but the plus has that benefit of giving you more power when you want to put it down. The new surf rudder is a must have for me. In big waves, it makes you position the ski wherever you want and it just feel so solid to have when on those diagonal surfs. I think each ski on the market has some drawbacks...but this one has the least of them. To be honest, I couldnt name one. See you on a downwind soon I hope!"
  • deBrito bailer
    Together with Swedish designer Magnus deBrito we have been involved with the development of the new deBrito bailer that will be fitted in all NK skis from this year. The new bailer is super efficient but especially very easy to operate with your foot between max open, semi open and closed. If you have an NK ski from 2014 or older you will be able to install the deBrito bailer if you want. More info to come!
    Here is video showing the superior efficiency

  • New model: Exrcize 550 x 54 cm.
    More info
  • Looking for Christmas gift for a paddler?
  • Nordic Kayaks - pressrelease 2013-12-12
    Nordic Kayaks, founded in 2006, is well-known in the surfski world for the highly innovative Fusion, the first surfski developed and produced in Sweden, and for the successful surfskis introduced the following years, refining the Fusion’s qualities: Nitro, Rapido 2.0 and Breeze — with emphasis on Nordic conditions, and on the belief that surfskis will find a far wider use in the coming years — and all top performers in their respective niches.

    For 2014 we are proud to introduce four new surfskis, developed in a slow, thoughtful, meticulous process with a lot of cross-disciplinary thinking by Fredrik Lindström and Björn Thomasson.

    - The years working with Nordic Kayaks have been an interesting and rewarding experience, leading up to the four new models. With different backgrounds but immediately finding common goals, Fredrik and I have worked our way through countless iteration in the design process: specs, performance, aesthetics, prototyping, refining details etc. The new surfskis will create some buzz out there on the market...
    /Björn Thomasson, Designer

    - We are very pleased to release these new models. There has been so much work behind this and I am very thankful to Björn and all factory guys doing the hard plug and mold work, these guys has sometimes hated me when things almost been finished and we have started all over again… These new models are the result of our uncompromising strive for perfection.
    /Fredrik Lindström, Founder Nordic Kayaks

    The quality defining details
    What set one surfski apart from other are often the small details. The delicate balance between rocker and volume distribution can make one hull a dream on large waves and another a monster. The exact position of seat and rudder can give you total control in one surfski, while in another you have to fight for it. We spent a lot of time calculating, testing and fine-tuning this — millimeter for millimeter. That is why you will find a Nordic Kayaks surfski a reliable performer in all conditions.

    Cockpit comfort is another core variable in the surfski experience. A slightly raised, carefully tilted seat with a good lower back support, combined with shorter and lower knee hump means an upright aggressive position for racing and relaxed long-distance comfort when touring. The pedal system with self-adjusting rudder lines will fit paddlers from 160 to 200 cm.

    The bailer is operated by hand and drains the cockpit in extremely short time, while incorporating a back-valve stopping water from entering the cockpit at still or going backwards.

    Nordic Kayaks proudly present:

    Squall 580 x 48 cm
    An entry-level surfski for the ambitious beginner. Fast, stable with superb control in waves and with a tight catch it is a touring dream while still quite competitive. Easier to remount than most and with a wide, comfortable seat.

    Storm 610 x 45 cm
    An intermediate surfski for those not quite confident in the extreme elite boats. Highly controllable in waves and with a top speed not far from the most extreme it is designed for racing and fitness paddling.

    Nitro 640 x 43 cm
    A true top elite surfski, sligthley fine tuned from the 2013 version, at least as fast, but with some more stability and increased maneuverability. A re-designed cockpit means fantastic comfort, tight catch and easy remount. If you ask us, this is as fast as it gets!

    Nitro+ 640 x 43.5 cm
    New designed elite boat with some added stability than the most sleeke ones to ensure full power when it gets rough. The cockpit is a little more protected and seating slightly wider than the Nitro. This is a winner in all conditions!

    For further information
    Phone +46739731235, Fredrik Lindström,
    Pressrelease - Nordic Kayaks
  • Check out this grueling Swedish canoe marathon race! 55k on the beautiful lakes in Dalsland. We will be there showing our skis the day before the race 8th of August. Dalsland Canoe Marathon.
  • Some thoughts from Paul Rosenquist, one of Swedens best and most experienced surfski paddler: Nitro review by Paul Rosenquist.
  • We are happy to announce our new dealer in Denmark - Kano & Kajakverksted
  • We welcome Aterra in Helsingborg on the Swedish West coast as our new dealer!
  • Come and try our surfskis and paddles at the Stockholm Outdoor show this Friday and Saturday between 10-17. We will have our full range of boats there and also our NK paddles. Some nice prices on Paddles and PFD´s will be offered!
  • Our webshop is now updated with latest accessories! For international customers you can just drop us a mail if you want to buy something. Nordic Paddleshop
  • Back from Eurochallenge last week.

    Many took the chance to try our skis and feedback was fantastic! Thank you!
  • Nordic Paddleshop, Updated webshop
    Our webshop is now updated with latest accessories! For international customers you can just drop us a mail if you want to buy something. Nordic Paddleshop.
  • Nordic Kayaks kan idag stolt presentera en av sina ambassadörerna för 2014

    Den rutinerade multisportaren John Karlsson kommer att paddla en Nitro A+ ”special camo edition”.
    -”Jag tycker det är superkul att vara en av Nordic kayaks ambassadörer, jag brinner verkligen för att hitta rätt material. En av mina första snabba kajaker var en Rocket+ som jag modifierade med större sittbrun för att passa våra svenska multisport tävlingar med snabba byten. Att nu några år senare få vara med att testa det senaste materialet och vara en del av utvecklingen känns väldigt spännande", säger John Karlsson.
    John är tidigare vinnare av Åre extreme challenge. På förra årets race var han lite överraskande!, en av de första upp på stranden efter paddlingen men tvingades sen bryta efter ett fall på löpningen. Det blir spännande att se vad han kommer göra på tävlingsbanan i år med sin nya NK Nitro.
    vi önskar lycka till!, John Karlsson Camo Edition / Nitro Nordic Kayaks
  • 3D-printing
    Been testing this for a while now- a 3D printed prototype of our new NK grip. This could be fixed in the cockpit exactly where the weight center is in your surfski, which may vary a little depending on lay up. A little piece making it so much easier to lift your boat! Fits also in the narrow elite boats. Available in April from Nordic Kayaks Sweden.

  • The first container of the new NK skis are soon in Stockholm, beginning of April. Many boats are already pre-booked but there are still so available so if you are keen of having one you should contact us right away. Next container is planed to arrive in June., Soon they are here...
  • Förbeställ din NK surfski
    Beställ din NK surfski innan 16/3 och erhåll 10% förorderrabatt. Levereras från Nordic Kayaks i Stockholm under mitten av april.
  • Paddle Expo 2-4 October

    We are preparing for the Paddle Expo Global trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, 2-4 of October. We are attending the show this year with all our surfskis and paddles. Please come and meet us in our stand C33. [2013-09-25]
  • Demo boats for sale!
    2013 demo boats now for sale. One of each model. Rapido 2.0 Advantage, Breeze Advantage and one Nitro Excel. Contact us for more info.
  • Breeze performs in the Swedish surfski champs
    Jacob Holst ended up as fifth Swede at Seamsters today paddling a Breeze! Awesome performance with such a stable ski. More info about Breeze.
  • NK in Gothenburg
    We welcome Mats at Point 65 kayak center Gothenburg as an NK distributor! Now there is Breeze and Rapido 2.0 to try, more to come.
    Lilla Bommens Hamn
    411 04 Göteborg
    Tel: 031-15 01 03
  • Nice review of our new NK2 Ocean wing
    Lars at has been testing our new NK2 Ocean wing. In Swedish, find it here.
  • New batch with surfskis
    Next container with NK skis coming in 1 July. Sign up now if you are planning to paddle NK this year! This boats are still available:
    2 Nitro Excel
    7 Rapido Advantage
    1 Rapido Excel
    8 Breeze Advantage
    1 Breeze Excel,

  • Kajakdagarna coming up!
    Time for Kajakdagarna tomorrow! We will be there showing all our surfskis, all new paddles, Mocke PFD and Ursuit drysuits. Perfect opportunity to test whats out there this year or just talk some hull design, shapes, who is fast and not :) etc. See you there!
  • Recension av Mocke Racer PFD
    Peter Svensson har recenserat Mocke Racer PFD. Vi har den i lager och skickar fritt i Sverige.,
  • New range of NK wing paddles

    Finally we can release our new paddle range. Find out all information here.
  • Nitro in top in Swedish surfski cup

    This weekend we attended the first Swedish surfski race this year. Race no 1 in a Swedish serie of 4 races. This race was held in Gothenburg on the Swedish West coast. Last years the interest for surfski has increased rapidley on the West coast due to the very good and easy logistic downwinds. Unfortunatley the wind came from the wrong direction this weekend but we had a very nice 15 k race in the Gothenburg harbour. Jacob was racing in the Nitro and set of by him self right from the start, but on the last 1/3 of the race he had some problems with finding the raight way. The race finally ended up with a close batlle with Martin Nordstrand were Jacob proved his sprint speed by clearley passing the finish line as the first boat. Congratulations Jacob!
    After the race we had a surfski-demo-day with lots of people trying our boats in the nice warm weather! Thank you West Coast surfskiers for a great arrangement!,
  • Breeze recenserad
    In Swedish: "Hej!
    Lovade ju att berätta vad jag tycker om Breezen.
    Jag har varit ute två gånger nu.
    Första gången jag satte mig i den kändes den absolut ett snäpp rankare än min gamla havskajak. Redan efter tio minuter kändes det hela däremot mycket bekvämare.
    Efter andra gången och totalt runt 30 minuters paddling kände jag mig helt bekvämt och kunde koncentrera mig på effektiv paddling. Det är överraskande vad lätt kroppen vänjer sig. Har gjort runt tio stycken frivilliga vurpor med uppstigning från båda hållen och det är nog det bästa av allt — noll problem. Just p g a detta känns hela upplevelsen mycket tryggare.
    Torrdräkten, Ursuit, känns knappt att jag har på mig. Första gångerna jag övade uppstigning låg fortfarande is lite här och var runt omkring. Endast fötterna blev lite kalla. Skulle haft en tjockare socka på mig bara.
    Så, hittills är jag grymt nöjd. Jag sökte lite utmaning med denna nya låda. Det fick jag. Steget från den gamla trötta 25-kilos havskajaken är alldeles lagom.
    Nu ska jag slänga på Surfskirodret och ge mig längre ut. Ser fram emot äventyren runt Landsort om ett tag.
    Dessutom är Breezen jäkligt snygg (folk tittar och kommenterar), känns snabb, och är lätt som en fjäder då man ska lyfta i och ur. Är dessutom glad att skrovet är helfylld med epoxi. Skärgården bjuder ju på klippor och vassa kanter här och var.
    Vad jag inte gillar är namnet: Surfski. Ingen fattar spontant om vad det handlar. Jag får alltid förklara "Ja, jo, det är alltså en typ av kajak, fast med…" Det där får ni som är inbitna ta och jobba på :-)
    Just Breezen skulle faktiskt kunna gå under benämningen Multisport-kajak. Med packluckor och möjlighet till två roder går den ju faktiskt använda till både det ena och andra. De som kallas mulitsportkajaker i dag får vackert ta och byta namn :-)
    Öppen sittbrunn är ju faktiskt galet bra också. Varför har man inte tänkt på det tidigare?
    /Hej, hej,

  • Updated weights for 2013
    We have updated all weights for our surfskis. Breeze Advantage - 16 kg. Rapido 2.0 Advantage - 14 kg. Rapido Excel - 12 kg. Rapido Elite - 11 kg. Nitro Excel - 11 kg. Nitro Elite - 10.5 kg. All weights includes components.
  • Surfski spring camp Sweden
    And we are back after a very enjoyable weekend in Oskarshamn on the Swedish east coast. We met some wonderful enthusiastic Nordic surfski paddlers who are not afraid of cold water. We had our entire fleet in Place, they were tested hard and the response was very positive. With us was also Jacob Holst with his new Nitro Elite, he looked ridiculously fast!,
  • A little inshore downwind in Vaxholm
    A little inshore downwind in Vaxholm.
  • Här testar ni våra modeller.
    Nordic kayaks Vaxholm. Vi möter även upp hos er om ni är en grupp eller klubb.
    Svima, vid Pampas marina. Lagerhåller Breeze och Rapido (Svimassport)
    Skåne, Staffan Ahltin (
    Vi kommer också finnas på dessa platser under våren:
    Surfski spring camp Oskarshamn, 26-28 april. (Aterra)
    Vågryttaren, deltävling 1 Svenska surfskicupen, Göteborg, 19 maj. (Vågryttaren)
    Kajakdagarna, Sjöhistoriska Stockholm 15-16 juni. (Outside online)
  • New Mocke Race Pfd in stock

    New Mocke Race Pfd in stock. Fits your body like a glove! The best we have tried. Read more here.
  • NK skis are ice-proven

  • Nitro in southern waters
    Contrary to the pictures below - looks like the Nitro doing great even in warmer conditions. Check this video from the last race in the Summer series - Ocean racing from Sydney Australia.
  • The first container of Nordic kayaks 2013 surfskis...
    14 of April our first container of Nordic kayaks 2013 surfskis are coming. If you are planing to buy one you need to book now! There is only 1 Breeze, 3 Nitro and 3 Rapido left... Next shipping are planed to end of May/beginning of June.