CLUB 540, 540 x 55 cm, 15.5 kg


CLUB 560, 560 x 50 cm, 15.5 kg


CLUB 480, 480 x 47 cm, 13 kg


CLUB Series - a series of very versatile surf skis where 540 is our most stable model with its 55 cm width, 560 is a middle class model of 50 cm width and 480 is a smaller surf ski for paddlers up to about 70 kg, the width is 47 cm. Made of fiberglass / epoxy / gelcoat, these are very robust and durable. It is aimed at those who want to paddle for exercise, surf on the sea or why not touring paddle with the 2 alternative hatches that are suitable for 540 and 560. The club models come with all our well-designed details such as fast adjusting footrests in carbon, carbon carrying handle, deBrito self-bailer, NK foot strap with leash attachment, carbon rudder or kick up rudder for those who so wish. The observer notices the flat surface behind the self-bailer that simplifies entry and exit by giving you a step for the foot. The carbon fiber handles on the side of the cockpit allow you to easily carry it yourself and ensure that you do not drop it in windy conditions. The cockpit for 540 and 560 is made to fit from about 155 cm up to 200 cm, 480 from 130-170 cm. The width of the seat is about 42 cm in both 540 and 560, which suits most people, the combination with a tight bottom on the seat bowl means that even those with narrower hips have good contact. The 480 comes with a narrower seat to fit for smaller size paddler.


Breeze PE with optional kick-up rudder

CLUB 540 touring edition with 2 carbon hatches and Smart track kick up rudder


CLUB 540 standard edition with pink nose logo


Construction & prices

NK Club serie is a serie of robust fiberglas/epoxy gelcoat surfskis.

Price for standard Club 540 & 560: 2595 Euro

Price for touring Club 540 & 560: 2895 Euro

Price for Club 480: 2395


Data & dimensioner

Club 540

Längd: 540 cm
Bredd: 55 cm
Vikt: 15,5 kg
Cockpit längd: 155-200 cm
Rek paddlar vikt: 55 kg >
Stabilits faktor: 10
stability rating

Club 560

Längd: 560 cm
Bredd: 50 cm
Vikt: 15,5 kg
Cockpit längd: 155-200 cm
Rek paddlar vikt: 55 kg >
Stabilits faktor: 7
stability rating

Club 480

Längd: 480 cm
Bredd: 47 cm
Vikt: 13 kg
Cockpit längd: 130-170 cm
Rek paddlar vikt: 40-70 kg
Stabilits faktor: 5
stability rating



CLUB 540:

  • deBrito selfbailer most efficent and most easy to use on the market
  • Carbonfiber footrest with quick length adjustment and self locking lines
  • NK footstrap with anchor point for leash
  • Carbon carry handles in the sides of cockpit
  • Carry handles on the nose and on the stern
  • Rubber cord on deck for storing a drybag etc
  • NK/deBrito rudder yoke for super smooth steering
  • Carbon rudder Race is standard
  • Touring edition: NK carbon hatches and Smart track kick up rudder (300 Euro extra


Rudder options

Surf, Weed, Race and Marathon.

Four rudders to chose from

...or the optional Smart track kick up rudder