K1 41 | K1 43

K1 41 CarbonX naked raw prepreg carbon, 6,5 kg strong and hard

K1 41 & K1 43- fast racing kayaks with hull shapes developed from our surf skis based on optimal hydrodynamics which together with our extremely light carbon fiber construction provides very easyle tdriven kayaks regardless of whether you choose 43 or 41 cm wide. Of course, there is a little more top speed to pick up in K1 41 which turns to the competition paddler while K1 43 is intended for an experienced exercise paddler. Both models are perceived as stable for their width.
The seat is designed to provide good support around the entire seat cup, this makes the difference from a more open typical seat that you sit more comfortably for a longer period of time. The back end is sloping and enables good rotation and leg work. The seats are available in 2 heights depending on what you prefer. The footrest with pedals and large base plate together with our adjustable foot strap gives the paddler good and stable footrest with a quick steering response.

K1 43 CarbonX raw naked prepreg carbon, pink nose



Constructions and graphics

Note: all NK kayaks are made with prepreg and autoclave technique, a process often used for the space industry and F1 cars(and NK surfskis), the high pressure(up to 4 x atmosphere pressure) and heat from the autoclave together with the pre-impregnated carbon fibers gives an unmatched lamination of composite creating an extraordinary light yet strong construction, not comparable with other techniques normally used for kayaks such as vacuum infusion or other hand lay-up processes.


Colour option CarbonX

Raw naked prepreg carbon, green nose

Raw naked prepreg carbon, pink nose

Limited edition, extremely light yet rigid raw naked pre-preg carbon construction. Made with priority on weight.
Minor cosmetic blemishes can occur

Weight: SUB 7 kg

Price: Euro 4100

CarbonLite S

Colour option CarbonLite S

Stealth black – green or pink nose

Ice white – green or pink nose

Dolphin Grey – green or pink nose

Pre-preg uni-directional carbon construction with claer carbon twill cockpit, premium grade divinycell foam core, reinforced with stringer for increased stiffness and strength

Weight: 7,2 kg

Price: Euro 3700

CarbonLite R

Colour option CarbonLite R

Matte grey – green nose

Matte grey – pink nose

Pre-preg uni-directional carbon with single skin hull construction to allow for more durability. Comes with kick-up rudder as an alternative rudder for shallow water paddling

Weight: 8,5 kg

Price: Euro 3800


Colour option CarbonComb

Ice White 100% painted, green nose

Ice White 100% painted, pink nose

Pre-preg uni-directional carbon construction with premium grade divinycell foam core. Reinforced with stringer for increased stiffness and strength. Fully painted body

Weight: 9,5 kg

Price: SEK 3350


Data & dimensions

K1 41

Length: 520 cm
Width: 41 cm
Cockpit length: 90 cm
Steering: fotplate with pedals
Rec paddler weight: 55 kg>
Stability factor: 1
stability rating

K1 43

Length: 520 cm
Width: 41 cm
Cockpit length: 90 cm
Steering: fotplate with pedals
Rec paddler weight: 55 kg>
Stability factor: 3
stability rating