Nordic Kayaks range of ultra-light carbon wings to suit all type of paddling and styles where you are looking for a high efficient propulsion. 100% full carbon blade made with a foam sandwich construction to be stiff and strong with as little composites as possible. Blade edges are solid to withstand hits. All paddles comes with a slightly oval carbon/fiberglass shaft which has a rough surface to prevent you from unnecessary slipping with your hands. The splitted shaft is joint together with our new metal lock that easily can be adjusted up to 10 cm in length and to whatever angle you prefer.

NK Wing

Nordic Kayaks paddle NK1Slightly twisted wing blade in carbon construction developed for multisport use such as surfski, downriver and flatwater. Firm and solid catch that provides a great grip as well in waves as on the flat without suprises. This blade strives out from the boat during the drive phase, helping you to rotate and maximize your forward motion. Comes with aluminium joiner which alows shaft adjustment in 10 cm length. Shaft is medium soft. Blade edges are solid carbon for maximum strenght. Paddle bag included. Weight complete paddle 700 g, +- 10 g.

  • Small blade 480x160 mm, weight 680 g
  • Medium blade 490x165 mm, weight 710 g

(Weights can vary 10 g.)
Paddle bag included (see below)

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Paddle bag included